Cresson Sanatorium Timeline

This timeline is useful in determining the dates of many of the photos appearing in the Cresson Sanitarium Collection.  It’s also a helpful tool to understand the evolution of the Sanatorium over it’s history.

Cresson Sanatorium Timeline

  • 1910 Mrs. B F Jones cottage gifted to the state of Pa.
    San building plans accepted.
    Woodman Lumber Company awarded contract to build San.
  • 1911 Andrew Carnegie sells land to Commonwealth of Pa. for one dollar.
    Resolution passed thanking Carnegie for land donation. Carnegie donates second        tract of land for the San.
  • 1913 San opened in January 914 Grace Chapel erected.
  • 1915 First small school house erected.
    West Wing built.
    First Recreation Hall built. Dining Room enlarged.
    Medical Director’s residence built.
  • 1919 Training School for practical nurses established. 921 Five more cottages were added             to Men’s Camp.
  • 1922 A “playhouse” with swimming pool for the children built.
    First x-ray equipment purchased
  • 1925 New school houses constructed consisting of two 4-room buildings.
    Garage built.
    New Entertainment Hall built.
  • 1931 Barn remodeled and made into a dormitory for non-patient male employees. Work started remodeling the Children’s Playhouse in the
    late 1930’s, converting it into the present Surgery Building.
  • 1932 Children’s House, with a capacity of 122 beds, was opened for children.
  • 1947 Chapel completely refurbished in 1947.
    Streptomycin first used in treatment of TB. 1949 Addition built at the rear of Grace        Chapel
    Two doctors’ cottages built and ready for occupancy.
  • 1950 Units #1 and #2 opened.
    Nurses Home opened.
    Small addition built onto Grace Chapel.
    Children’s Department closed in August 1950 (Later became Unit 3.) Major medical      chest surgery routinely performed.
    Medical Social Worker added to staff in February. Occupational Therapy Department  established in February. Nurses Training School reorganized with full time instructor.
  • 1951 Entertainment Hall, or Auditorium, completely renovated.
    Completed Units 2 & 3.
    Tore down men’s and women’s cottages. Nurse’s Residence renamed O’Halloran Hall
    Alterations made to four large wards in the men’s hospital, converting them into          rooms and small wards.
  • 1952 Addition made to the Administration Building
    Medical Service Unit was opened for occupancy in October. Isonazid first used in treatment of TB.
  • 1956 Facility renamed Laurence F. Flick State Hospital in December. 1962 Administration Building
    front entrance remodeled.
  • 1964 Became Cresson State School and Hospital 1970’s Name changed to Cresson Center.
  • 1983 Transferred to the Dept of Corrections.


William G. Turnbull M.D. 1912-1923

Thomas H. A. Stites M.D. 1923-1935

Louis A. Wesner M.D. 1935-1939

Thomsa H. A. Stites M.D. 1939-1943
B. Franklin Royer M.D. 1943-1947

Harry W. Weest M.D. 1947-1963+

Eliza C. Allison 1913-1935

Irmela M. Witke 1935-1936

Nellie J. Boyle 1936-1945

Agnes McLane 1945-1948

Dorothy M Rivers 1949-1952

Rachel A. Neill 1952-1961
Eleanor McHail 1961-