Civil War Units

Cambria County sponsored the following units to serve in the Civil War:

10th Pa Regiment- Company H-Johnstown-Allegheny Guards
10th Pa Regiment-Company G- Wilmore-Washington Rifles
15th Pa Regiment-Company H
40th Pa Regiment-11th Pa Reserves-Company A
54th Pa Regiment- Company A, E, H, I
55th Pa Regiment- Company A, C
108th Pa Regiment-11th Calvary- Company G
113th Pa Regiment-12th Cavalry
115th Pa Regiment- Company D, G
133rd Pa Regiment-Company A, B, F
136th Pa Regiment- Company K
182nd Pa Regiment-21st Calvary
194th Pa Regiment
204th Pa Regiment-5th Artillery
209th Pa Regiment- Company C

Citizens who wished to serve in the War and were unable to join one of the above units often traveled to nearby counties or cities to muster with units that were forming at the time. When looking for Civil War veterans, check soldier lists from Samuel Bates, “History of Pennsylvania Volunteers.”