American Association of University Women

In the early 1920s in Johnstown, a group of  women from Delta Delta Delta sorority  met regularly to have lunch and discuss issues of the day. It became known that there were other panhellenic women who also lived in Johnstown. The women of Delta Delta Delta extended an invitation to these women to join their meetings. As a result, this group became known as the College Women of Johnstown and they met at the Franklin Street Methodist Church in town.

On October 18, 1923, a special meeting was held at the Franklin Street Methodist Church with the intent to have the group join the national organization, the American Association of University Women (AAUW).  The American Association of University Women was established in 1881 to address issues impacting the lives of women and girls.

It was determined that in 1923, there were only 130 women in Johnstown who would be eligible to join the newly formed Johnstown Branch of AAUW. Membership required a degree from a college or university.

This collection contains copies of the minutes and some newsletters.

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